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Long-Distance Therapy

Skype and Phone Therapy

Skype and phone therapy are effective methods which can be teamed with face-to-face meetings wherever possible. This service is useful for clients who live in geographic locations where psychotherapy services are scarce.

Distance TherapyDistance therapy is useful for people living out of town for whom transport is difficult, or in more remote areas such as the Scottish Isles and parts of the Highlands.

It is also useful for clients who are on holiday, moving abroad, or to another location in Britain who want to continue their therapy. It is commonly used by people who are living abroad, and whose first language is English.

Sometimes clients are unable to regularly leave their homes because of mobility issues, agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorders or because of dependants. Distance therapy allows access to therapy services which otherwise people may be excluded from.


Given that the relational aspect of telephone counselling may be affected, I offer a follow-up email which is a short precis of the session. This allows for a greater sense of contact and continuity.

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