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Relationships can be an enormous source of support, love and fun, but sometimes, and often for no apparent reason things go badly wrong. When this happens, it can cause suffering, pain, loss and self-doubt.

Psychotherapy helps to develop a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics. During the course of a day, we can interact with many people in many types of relationship, in our families, school, work and partnerships. When we understand how we behave in relationships, the quality of our relationships can improve.

Relationship Patterns

Often the same relational patterns are repeated with different people and in different partnerships. When we examine our past experiences and patterns in relationships, we increase self awareness to the extent that we can shift those patterns. Family relationships can be especially stressful for people. In therapy we investigate family dynamics and look at your role within that system.


Couple Counselling

Some relationships can be difficult and cause distress. Couples may want to work on problems such as jealousy, competitiveness, addictions, values or trust. Sometimes they may have stopped talking meaningfully, or they fear their relationship is failing. Some couples want to improve intimacy, while others want to bring their relationship to a close in as amicable way as possible.

Couple counselling can help to:

  • identify your individual goals
  • air any concerns, fears or worries
  • understand each others perspectives.
  • learn about each others needs and feelings
  • discuss building trust, respect and honesty
  • become aware of the need to look after the relationship, yourselves, and each other.
  • learn about your partners childhood patterns and how they influence them
  • learn about each other’s coping patterns when under pressure

People may come for pre-marital counselling, wanting to sort out issues in advance of marriage.

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People may come for pre-marital counselling, wanting to sort out issues in advance of marriage.