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Self Esteem

Self esteem depends on many variables in our personal development from childhood onwards. Part of our development is about internalizing experiences which affect us. These influence how we regard ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. Our mind, body and mental and physical health all contribute to our sense of self and affect our self esteem.

Building and maintaining self-esteem

When we attend well to our mental and physical health, we can greatly affect and enhance our self esteem. For example, by setting aside time each day, exclusively for us, we are saying both to ourselves and to others, that this time is important, “my needs are important. I am important”.

Good self-esteem is not the prerogative of the mind alone. Health is of the body and the mind. In therapy, I will encourage you to approach problems via a three-way approach, thinking, feeling and action

This is a healthy, positive and constructive way to increase health,self-esteem, confidence, strength and energy.

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