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What would I talk about in Counselling?

People bring a range of issues to counselling. These can range from difficult work situations, family, relationship or marriage problems, to stress, bereavement or loneliness.


Most of us realise that the way we feel and act can follow fairly predictable patterns. Sometimes these are helpful and enable us to get things done. Sometimes they are unhelpful and contribute to arguments, anger, over-eating, drinking, or compulsive behaviour. Often the reasons are not known to us.

What Would I Talk About in Counselling


Sometimes what we feel can be hard to express. Sometimes it is hard to find the words to explain what is going on inside.

When unconscious material becomes conscious, it loses much of it’s power. By bringing issues into your conscious mind, you can start to take control over them, rather than the other way round.

Counselling can help you to recognise your underlying needs and familiar patterns. It helps you to understand how these developed, and for what purpose.

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